We provide training and technical support to patients using insulin pumps

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Who we are

We are the strategic Business Unit of Hemoglobe Hellas.We acquire a 15 year experience in Diabetes, with well trained executives that offer technical and training support to customers 24h every day.

From 2001, our executives train and consult patients and physicians on insulin pump treatments and “live with an insulin pump” issues. Our Diabetes department has been established one of most famous and integrated training teams that educates and trains patients on “managing diabetes issues”.

The professional experience and know how of Heamoglobe’s trainers on insulin pump therapy is acquired by expertise seminars conducted by the biggest insulin pump companies internationally. This can be summarized at the following points:

  • 2001-2004

    By Mr. Gerrard Smith in Burgdorf Switzerland on insulin pump therapy for Disetronic H-TRON and D-TRON models.

  • 2004-2011

    By Mr Sousoumo Akatsu in Mineapolis USA in Deltec Company for Cosmo model.

  • 2011-today

    By Pr. Choi, Sooil Korea for Dana Diabecare R model.
    By Roche Hellas Diagnostics for Accuchek Spirit Combo model.

We have great experience in...

Managing Diabetes by training and supporting all pump users 24/7.

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Our values

We are in constant evaluation of the global technology, bringing always to patients the best applied innovations to improve treatment quality and life standards. The basic principle of insuin pump.gr is the stable quality of the offered products and services, in full alignment with EU directives, as well as the satisfaction of the customers’ requirements and expectations.

*Sustainable Development putting the human being in the centre of overall activities
*Ensure good practices in every step of the product way and
*The needs of our customers with products according to international and European standards in health care.

The core practices of Hemoglobe15 is the continuous improvement of service quality and the expertism of our staff on the basis of teamwork and cooperation locally and internationally.

The basic principle of Hemoglobe is the stable quality of the offered products and services, in full alignment with EU directives, as well as the satisfaction of the customers’ requirements and expectations.

We are the only Greek company able to achieve 100% delivery of the purchased quantity to the end users in such respectable numbers, considering the current difficult economical situation. Consequently, we manage fast brand awareness in our target groups for all our distributing brands.

Insulin Pump therapy

image Using a pump means so much more than just pressing buttons. Our trainers have personally worn each type of insulin pump we supply and are certified to train all these pump models.

We answer all your technical questions and offer fair comparisons of the various pumps. When you’re ready for a pump upgrade, we’ll provide a detailed review of the features and the pros and cons of each option so that you can choose the best pump for you, always in cooperation with your doctor.

image We provide comprehensive insulin pump services to those who are considering insulin pump therapy as well as those looking for some fine-tuning. We have specialized and trained staff offering technical assistance to customers 24 hours a day. More specifically, the head trainer of the company, Mr. Michael Sklavakis, trained by Mr. Gerrard Smith on treatment with insulin pump.

We are a leader in one-on-one consulting for people who use insulin. Diabetes “coaching” services are available in-person and remotely via phone and the internet for children and adults with type-1 diabetes.

We also offers specialized services for insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring users, athletes with diabetes, pregnancy/type-1 diabetes, and those with type-2 diabetes that require insulin.”

image The selection of potential users of insulin delivery pumps is critical for the subsequent success of the treatment. The physician in the first place, the trainer and the potential user with the family environment assess and co-decide on the final placement of the system.

The potential user should be typical in terms of self-control, aware of the carbohydrates contained in the food, and eager for one long collaboration with all members of the group. The use of a medical tool is not a magic bullet and is successful only through the good cooperation of all involved parties.

Especially for pediatric use, cooperation between parents and the child must was assessed properly before installing the machine. In any case, the potential user should be aware of intensified treatment regimen with an insulin pen.

Our happy Clients

Our path to Perfection

It was a long journey to come where we are now. Here is how we started.


Bringing team together

We were just two creative individuals who started to get involved with the health sector engaging with Desferal infusion for thalassemia treatment.


Our first successful collaboration with the best pump trainer in Greece

We made our first step to success at Diabetes market by successfully cooperating with Mr.Sklavakis, our Biomedical Engineer and head pump trainer.


New strategic agreements

We developed strategic agreements with big pharmaceutical companies such as Pharmaseve Lilly S.A., Gallenica S.A., Aktelion S.A. and medical technology companies such as Sooil S.A., Smiths Medical, United Therapeutics, Roce Hellas Diagnostics that has trusted us for their product distribution after evaluating the year experience and professionalism of Hemoglobe team for training and supporting patients using infusion systems for home therapy.


Writing the future

Hard work, belief and great passion for what we do, show us the path for launching a new technology in Diabetes by creating new strategic alliances.

Our Partners