Fees & Payment Policies

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eDapy certified healthcare provider

We are EOPYY's (National Agency for Health) certified healthcare provider. This means that we have no have no financial transaction with the diabetics provided that they have state insurance.

Through a specific valid proccess, all the needed documents are collected. Aditionally are responsible, as official representatives of each pump user, to submit their documents to their insurance carrier and get paid directly.

In this way, diabetics have no further stress regarding their therapy cost. If a pump user is not insuranced by a state supported institution, then the therapy cost is paid privately.

Certified for insulin pump use

  • State supported insurance
  • ╬Łecessary valid documents
  • Doctor's agreement
  • Educator's agreement
  • All needed medical examinations

Learn how to apply

image Check if you have a state supported insurance. We will need you AM number, as well as your AMKA number.

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Pricing details...

image Make sure that you have your latest medical examinations available.

image It is very important to discuss with your doctor, your will to get into a insulin pump therapy. Our educators need the